After seeing this product make it’s rounds on pretty much every single make-up blog in the known world, I thought I had better jump on the bandwagon – yes, I too have bought the Majorca Majolica Puff de Cheek blush. Having a little scan around, I found that the majority of the population had gone with buying the Apricot Macaroon (OR302) and had nothing but innate happy squeal of interwebbery approval. Being one who likes stuff that works and also, not willing to expend my hard-earned clams on something dysfunctional, I went forth and purchased a tin from eBay seller alphabeautyuk.

As a make-up noob, I can openly profess to having possibly the most simple make-up regime known to man-kind. When I wake up I don’t even wash my face. Yes, I’m also a little disgusting. I MAY make a concession if I have sleep caking my eyes. Otherwise, a shower usually suffices. Yes, that’s right, I have no regimented skin regime. It’s clear that it’s surprising that I have not yet mutated into some kind of pimple-encrusted sea monster. I blame the fickle heart of genetics.

My Make Up Regime usually runs along the lines of:

Foundation powder – to conceal many years of strange pigmentation and pimple scars.
Blush – so I don’t look like death slightly warmed up.
Tinted Lip Balm – due same reasons as why I wear blush. Also, chapping. Which is bad.
+/- The removal of encrusted eye poop.

So when someone says: “HEY YOU SHOULD TRY THIS” and it’s not a typical colour or shade, it’s like me making the decision to go toe-less because someone thought it was a good idea. YES, THAT DRASTIC. I also have a hideous allergy to a great array of Japanese products including face powders and mascaras – most likely due to their stubborn ability to turn skin into a poreless, smooth-like-a-mannequin’s-bottom, texture.

This orange shade is extremely popular in Japan is just starting to take the western world by storm – it truly is a great shade for spring-summer, which makes it extremely ironic for me to decide to buy in while we are in the midst of a stone-cold winter. It’s finely milled and comes in great and beautifully decorated 7g pots with a little puff. Although, I have to note: The puff, like as bimbo, is cute, but pretty much useless. Use a blush brush.

I have fairly dark skin and so I was a little nervous with this blush – I was looking for a deeply pigmented colour without any glitter – unfortunately this product doesn’t exactly live up to my expectations in terms of pigmentation. On the upside, the colour is easily buildable and with a little persistence, it comes up as a healthy pop of orange. Also: NO GLITTER. Let’s just say, I’m not a fan of glitter in my blushes after seeing a 60-year old woman caked in glitter-milled blush. YIKES.

Persistence-wise, the product sticks for about five odd hours without making a running leap from your face – which is great for no-fuss need-space-for-a-camera little ol’ me. But then again, this is me using the product in high Winter – in a Summer sweat, results may differ.

This range comes in four different colours with two of them being limited edition:

PK301 Peach Macaroon
OR302 Apricot Macaroon
PK303 Strawberry Macaroon (limited edition)
#82 Vanilla Macaroon (limited edition)

Overall, the colour is great for those who want to channel a bit more Spring/Summer into their faces – it warms up my complexion a treat and makes for a fun alternative to typical colours. Also, it’s Japanese and shaped like a macaroon. Bonus!